11.30am – 1.00pm Various short films. Curious-minded little ones can become intrepid Afri-Kids by taking a cinematic adventure across the wild and wonderful African continent. The hilarious exploits of a menagerie of African animals, including rhinos, elephants and giraffes take centre stage in the delightful Jungle Beats cartoons. In Mwansa the Great, an eightyear-old Zambian Read more

African Fashion on film

2 .00-3.15pm Various short films. A unique cinematic opportunity for all fashion, film and craft enthusiasts out there to celebrate and enjoy the innovative world of fashion and beauty from the African continent. Join us on a glamourous, surreal and heartaching journey, stepping into Ghanaian hair salons, experiencing stunning designs against Kenya’s dramatic landscapes, as Read more

Reimagining African Cityscapes

3.30 – 4.45pm Various short films. African cities are some of the fastest growing in the world, hubs of urban innovation, cultural expressions and vast engines of change. From the bustling streets of Lagos, to the ancient city walls in Mali, to new and reimagined notions of African cities, this package will offer new perspectives Read more